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Kangol Kickstarter Campaign

Iconic headwear brand Kangol has recently launched a Kickstarter campaign. In collaboration with one of the oldest hat manufactures in the US, Bollman Hat Company, Kangol hopes to bring its production back to the place that made it what it is today, the US. As well as bringing Kangol closer to its market, this will also mean the creation of plenty of stateside jobs, and in today’s economic climate this is most certainly invaluable. 

The campaign presents backers with the unique opportunity to invest in not only a legendary brand like Kangol, but ultimately a chance to invest in the growth of the American economy. Currently the majority of the machines that are used to make the flagship Kangol hats are located in China, and the $100,000 that Kangol are looking for will go towards bringing the bespoke machinery across the pond. 

The custom built machinery has helped Kangol to craft its way into the history books for over 80 years, and with the help of investors this legacy can continue on American soil. Although the labour costs will undoubtedly be higher, Kangol have comprised on quality, so it’s a price they are willing to pay in order to ensure they can continue to provide customers with the excellent craftsmanship they have come to expect. 

To cement the success of their campaign, Kangol have enlisted the help of longstanding supporter of the brand, Samuel L Jackson. The actor has of course famously donned the Kangol 504 cap in his numerous on screen appearances in cult classic Tarantino flicks like Jackie Brown and Pulp Fiction. With some clever wordplay, Kangol have utilised Sam Jackson’s infamous phrase to help raise awareness of the Kickstarter going with the word: #MotherFunder. 

Rewards for donation range from an autographed cap from none other than Samuel L himself, to the chance to name the building where the hats will be made for the more deep pocketed donators amongst us.   

Originally Featured in Spindle Magazine, now defunct.